Engineered Hardwood Floors


Prevent the issues of growth and contraction usually connected with good wood, due to our engineered hardwood flooring installations. If solid hardwood is a classic Rolls Royce — lovely, reliable, however requiring some attention and care — then designed wood floors is a contemporary Bentley. It has got the looks, so it’s the design, and it functions impeccably under virtually any circumstances.

Engineered hardwood flooring is created by simply taking three layers — a good wood coating; a softwood center; along with a supportive layer — and squeezing them collectively at good pressures. The end result is a composite plank which has a number of the features of laminate hardwood floors (it is light, it fits together easily, also it may be completely installed as a floating floor), even without sacrificing the heft and beauty of the actual thing.


The floating floor system of setup entails placing down a foundation coating of screed topped with all the mandatory underlay, then clicking on the engineered timber flooring into position at the top. No adjusting is needed: the burden of the flooring retains it lying level.
Engineered hardwood floors might also be utilized as a completely structural component in a conventional area, using the groove and tongue stuck together with floor glue and the planks nailed through into the joists, as they are with conventional flooring planks.

The center core of this engineered timber is tender to make a organic seal between every groove and tongue, which makes it impossible for any cracks to look between the planks as time passes. With nowhere to get dust, dirt and germs to develop, there is nowhere for pollutants to conceal.
The central center can be treated using a stabilising agent, that interrupts the standard growth and contraction of timber since it’s subjected to varying degrees in humidity and general room temperature.
Engineered hardwood floors appears almost indistinguishable from solid all-natural wood flooring, when it’s totally installed. It is offered in a variety of grains and colors to mimic the actual look of an assortment of solid wood species, and also the timber where it’s been assembled is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accepted.

Engineered timber might also be utilized with under floor heatingsystem, given that certain guidelines are followed closely. An underlay appropriate to be used with under floor heating should be found between the wood flooring and the heating system. Our engineered hardwood flooring fitters can style your new floors system with or without heatingsystem, as needed. visit our website to learn more.
Tulvira works closely with lots of reputable heating engineers, electricians and technicians to supply the joint construction services that you want. We’re also dedicated to supplying you with the highest high quality information about the merchandise and matching services that are ideal for your requirements and your surroundings.

Engineered wood floors is especially ideal for workplace environments such as reception spaces; resorts and hospitality surroundings; and national properties in which the present floor surface is developed on concrete or challenging screed.
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